We are so appreciative that you came by to view our collection of jewelry! My name is Michelle and I started this shop and continue to expand the internet business with my amazing husband Kevin. 
I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 1996. I have been making jewelry for over 18 years for other, well established, fine jewelry companies in Santa Fe, New Mexico as well as for private clients. 
My love of jewelry began as a love of stones.....gemstones, minerals, rocks, pebbles; you name it. I found a kindred spirit in my husband and we have a large collection of mineral and rock specimens in and around our home. Also, my paternal grandfather made and repaired jewelry as a hobby so it is in my blood. You might say I am a bit scattered in my jewelry style, but it is a reflection of all the things I love in life and my passion for gemstones, metal work, and wax carving. I take great pride in my work and never sacrifice quality or attention to detail. 
All metal used is SOLID sterling silver, fine silver, and gold. I DO NOT plate my jewelry!! There will be some items that have a blackened finish which is the result of oxidation, NOT a plating process.
All stones are 100% natural, unheated, untreated and not man made. If I do use a treated stone I will have that information in the description, but mostly I avoid using anything other than the real thing!
Some rings can be sized up or down at an additional cost, please contact me if that information isn't clear for an item you are interested in.....due to a pattern, or design some rings can not be sized without risk to the design and/or stones. I do all my own sizing and alterations so if I can do the changes for free I will!
Some earrings can be altered from pierced to clip, most at no extra charge. Contact me and let me know what you need!
I am a big believer in: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and want to make your experience with my shop as straight forward as possible. Please contact me if you ever have questions or concerns regarding my store, policies, or jewelry. 
This is a very exciting time for me! My goal is to gain your trust and loyalty as a consumer and fellow lover of jewelry....after all, I hope to see you again. I look forward to hearing from you!